Page 11 - Gott offenbart sich der Menschheit als sichtbarer Gott
P. 11

            The name of God became the most ignored name on this planet.
            Many reasons can be given for this cause:

               1.  God is invisible.
               2.  Most  of  the  people  did  not  come  to  know  the  reality  of  life  after
               3.  Many think that God needs us but we don’t need God.
               4.  Some  religions  brought  certain  spiritual  realities,  but  they  are  so
                   complicated that the intellectual mind cannot take them.
               5.  Today we  are living in the modern world. Modern men need  many
                   explanations to understand: Why we need God?

            In  my  first  book,  “God  Reveals  Himself  to  Mankind  as  a  Visible  God”,  God
          revealed many astonishing things of the truth about Himself. He revealed where
          He  comes  from,  how  He  existed  in  eternity  and  how  He  came  out  from  dark
          eternity to create the universe and eternal life.
            In this book, I like to reveal the phenomenon about what kind of law exists
          behind the curtain and what kind of influence is marked in human spirit. Though
          God created mankind for the sake of love, after all He is the most intelligent and
          wise being. He thought a lot about the following matter: If mankind do not follow
          Him  in  a  love-relationship,  they  always  should  remain  under  the  invisible
          spiritual law. It is very true that God’s love is higher than God’s laws. However,
          the secret of life after death cannot be revealed to those human beings who do
          not  want  to  recognize  the  purpose  of  life  with  God.  They  cannot  observe  the
          phenomenon of life after death and they have no information about their eternal
          home where they will live forever.
            The hidden spiritual reality was revealed to many prophets who came in the
          past but society blocked them. The people did not want to listen to the truth and
          the prophets took much divine information with them without revealing to this
          world.  Even  2000  years  ago  Jesus  cried  out  in  John  3:12,  “If  I  have  told  you
          earthly things, and ye believe not, how ye shall believe, if I tell you of heavenly
          things?” This is very true that the blind cannot show the way to the blind, both
          will fall in a hole. The one who shows the way or reveals spiritual secrets of life
          after  death  must  have  a  relationship  with  God.  God  must  reveal  and  let  him
          observe and experience those hidden realities. He must call him to deliver this
          truth to mankind. We call such a person a prophet. As God revealed Himself as a
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