Page 12 - Gott offenbart sich der Menschheit als sichtbarer Gott
P. 12

visible God in my first book, I have revealed astonishing hidden realities with the
          help  of God to fellow men. I have experienced in a sad way that not so many
          people want to come to know God. However, it is my responsibility to write down
          continually  hidden  spiritual  realities  for  the  sake  of  future  mankind.  All  my
          experiences with God and about life after death, I want to reveal for the benefit of
          mankind.  They  were  given  to  me  to  pass  on  to  mankind  and  not  to  keep  for
          myself. Once again, I ask God for power and strength so that He can help me to
          do all my life his will.
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