Page 13 - Gott offenbart sich der Menschheit als sichtbarer Gott
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General Introduction
            I have given to this book the title “True Moments with God” because I have
          shared many of my mysterious and mystic observations with God in it. For those
          people who want to come to know deeper the nature of God, this book will give
          them a very deep understanding who God really is. What is the deepest secret
          behind  that  I  could  go  so  far  wherever  I  wanted  or  I  could  find  whatever  I
          discovered in those mysterious heavens? The secret is that as long I was fallen in
          love with God in mysticism, so long I could travel with speed of light to make my
          observations and  experiences far in eternity. Therefore, I could  discover many
          secrets of eternal life. It tells me also, as long someone is fallen in love with his
          creator this burning and mystic love is the key to open every mystery of God and

            At the beginning of this book, I have explained certain things in an intellectual
          way. I hope this will not block fellowmen to go on reading this book. However,
          after certain topics I will begin to share my true moments with God. They are the
          true essence of this book. Actually, this is the first volume of “True Moments with
          God”. It is my wish to share my experiences under this title at least in 12 more
            Great prophets have spoken on their spiritual path, “Who will seek God, he will
          find Him.” After a long journey on this path my experiences tell me that it is the
          other way around: “Whoever found Him was the true seeker.” It means that the
          spiritual journey to come to know God in the deepest way requires the whole life
          until the last day and the last breath.
            We all want to become happy. We all want to live in a peaceful environment.
          We  all  want  to  come  to  know  the  true  taste  of  freedom.  We  all  want  to  have
          everlasting experiences of love and not such a love, which lasts a few months or
          a few years. We want to experience the love, which remains forever and never
          says Good-bye to us.
            All the sources of what I have spoken above are beginning in God. Therefore,
          the purpose was given to mankind to come to know their true origin at the time
          of  their  birth.  All  true  ideals  in  human  life  can  be  realized  by  fulfilling  this
            If this book can kindle human hearts in the love of God, then it has fulfilled its
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