Page 4 - Gott offenbart sich der Menschheit als sichtbarer Gott
P. 4

On  one  occasion  during  my  spiritual  journeys,  our
          Heavenly  Father  said  to  me,  "All  the  books  you  have
          written  in  my  name  are  my  books.  Whoever,  in  the
          present or in the future, changes the content, be it only a

          part,  by  taking  away,  changing,  or  adding,  will  be
          separated from the tree of truth and the tree of love.

            Note: Anyone in present or future, it doesn`t matter if
          this  is  a  feminine  or  male  prophet,  who  has  a  living

          relationship  with  God,  can  give  a  better  expression  or
          explain the content of God`s revelation or words by his or
          her  own  name  in  other  books.  But  by  no  means,  it  is
          allowed  to  change  the  content  or  the  words  of  God`s

          revelations in Zahid`s books.
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